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Today I wanted to write about an organisation called Young Minds that is doing a very important work. This is not a sponsored post; I’ve actually used their helpline myself and wanted to share with others how helpful it’s been.

Young Minds is a charity that focuses on the mental health of young people. They want all young people to feel supported and empowered, whatever their mental health issues. They listen without judgement and try to offer help and solutions to families affected by all types of mental health problems. This is especially important for the most vulnerable and excluded members of society. The charity also seeks to influence mental health legislation for better outcomes for patients.

Young Minds Parent Helpline

The charity runs a dedicated phone helpline for parents. The line is free to call and is available Monday to Friday 9:30-4. Outside of these times, parents can leave a message via the online contact form and the charity will be in touch as soon as possible.

I’ve used the helpline myself and found the experience incredibly positive. I had concerns about my child and I wasn’t really sure where to go for advice. I called the number and the lady that answered my call was very calming and reassuring. She listened to everything I said and noted it down carefully. I already felt a lot calmer by the end of the call. It felt like a burden shared.

The call handler explained that I would be contacted within a few days by a mental healthcare professional. I did not have to wait long. The following day I received a call from a warm and friendly man who discussed my concerns at length. The call lasted just under an hour and he was able to offer me a lot of practical advice. By the end of the call I had a clear plan in mind of how to get help for my child and things to discuss with the GP. Incidentally, the chat also drew my attention to a condition called PDA, which is a form of autism that I’ll be discussing in a future blog post.

Crisis Line for Young People

As well as supporting parents, Young Minds offers valuable support to young people themselves. Their newest innovation is a Crisis Text Line which they can access during a mental health crisis. All they have to do is text YM to 85258 and Young Minds will reply immediately. The service is free and available 24/7.

I think that a text service like this is invaluable, because it gives support to the most vulnerable members of society and is a lot less intimidating than speaking to someone.


Young Minds are an amazing organisation doing an important job. There are so many young people suffering with mental health issues today. It is good to know that the support is out there and accessible. It’s my hope that this blogpost can help at least one person or family by signposting them in the right direction.

Visit the Young Minds Website for more information or to donate.

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